Each vulnerable weak sickly church susceptible to wolves

On a normal day or in times when there is no emergency, it is not necessary to a have a sick enfeebled person, church or community, this brings no value to the whole body (of whatever). This is dangerous for that entity when there is an emergency.

Each person develops their individual talents, to be able to better serve his fellow. Each person has a value they bring to a community and that skill should be developed. Not having dependent people to be lorded over, or people who think of themselves more than they ought to.

In this episode of our Importance of church live talk program I cover Each vulnerable weak sickly church susceptible to wolves. Highlighting the why belonging to a church and doing church properly is important. Covering benefits gain when a believer belongs to a properly functioning church with elder, deacon, and deaconess. To listen to revive reform radio go to http://www.revivereform.org/radio/

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