Revive Reform Radio is a Christian radio station featuring live talk, music, sermons, natural health teaching, seminars, Bible study, daily Bible readings, gospel audio book readings, and much more. We endeavor to prepare God’s people for the second coming of Christ Jesus, and to be a catalyst for revival and reformation by sharing inspired wisdom for living in these last days.

Revive Reform Ministry is a non-profit religious/educational organization committed to preparing a people to experience a revival and reformation of primitive Godliness before the second coming of Jesus. We believe the Bible teaches that a broad lay movement will help prepare God’s people for Christ’s second coming; and we endeavor to be a part of, and a catalyst for, this event.

Revive Reform uses various communication means to teach and encourage you to experience revival and reformation in various aspects of your life. Helping you to attain fresh experiences, bringing spiritual and lifestyle renewal.

We are a community of believers working to teach the Gospel, natural health, social justice and ministry for the Biblical protected class (fatherless, widow, strangers, sick, etc.), mental wellbeing, gospel-order church, and a lifestyle comprised of wise God-fearing choices.