Revive Reform is a non-profit religious/educational organization committed to the belief that just prior the second coming of Jesus; there will be a revival and reformation of primitive Godliness among the people of God.  We believe the Bible teaches that a broad lay movement will help prepare God’s people for Christ second coming, and this we endeavor to be a catalyst of.

Revive Reform intends, through web-resources, conferences, internet radio, seminars, retreats, print resources, and advocacy, to teach and encourage revival and reformation among God’s people. Through these methods we hope to stimulate discussion on subjects that will cause revival and reformation.

Lloyd Grubb, Director


  • Community – Revive Reform is a community of believers working to collaborate with, sponsor, promote, mentor and train each other in working on existing and starting new missionary endeavors.

  • Lay Workers – Revive Reform acts as a vehicle for empowering lay workers (non-professionals) to carry out and improve existing witnessing activities and to establish new methods and systems.

  • Bible Base Revival – Revive Reform work to spark a revival in missionary activities similar to what Christ establish through His disciples. 
  • Bible Base Reformation – Revive Reform promotes revival, knowing that a result of revival is reformation. Believing that renewed interest in God and the things of God, will and must be accompanied by change in the life and (or) organization. 

  • Remnant Church – Revive Reform believes that the Remnant church of Bible prophecy is the only church in these end times that will experience the revival and reformation prophesied in Joel chapter 2.

  • Prophetic End Times – Revive Reform at its core is establish on prophecy and exist because the prophetic time clock is pointing to a time of renewed interest in the word of God and end time scenarios.

  • Three Angels Messages – Revive Reform teaches the Three Angel Messages of Revelation 14 with a particular interest in the Third Angels Message, which has its conclusions in Revelation 18. These prophetic messages will cause a revival and reformation that has not never been seen in recent history.

  • Gospel Commission – Revive Reform continuous core test of being true to its mission and reason for organizing, will be how close it follows and teach the Gospel and also follow and teach Jesus methods of operating ministry while spreading that Gospel.

  • Shared Success – Revive Reform is a community of workers who values each other success in missionary endeavors. We believe that the work is big enough for all to join in and aim to encourage as much as possible within our scope, to increase in fruitfulness.

  • Training – Revive Reform offers various training and development in organizing, operating, outreach, scriptural ministry models, stewardship, administration and consecration.