Avoid being presumptuous preparation is not a denial of faith

In dealing with the problems of life, it is important to use all means available to get good results. To stubbornly reject methods that will bring relief to a problem is foolish. Our focus is health, but this can be applied to social, political, spiritual, moral, and natural problems. Why would a country or individual reject known methods for success only use one?

The problem with building success from unrighteous gains. Analyzing the corrupt financial rise of China and the pain it was dishing out worldwide and the problem with building an empire on the suffering of others.

In this episode of our Wisdom for Living live talk program I cover the topic Avoid being presumptuous preparation is not a denial of faith. In our wisdom for living program I share my meditation on how to have a successful lifestyle by living by the principles found in the wisdom passages of the Bible, Proverbs, Psalms, and Ecclesiastes. To listen to revive reform radio go to http://www.revivereform.org/radio/

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