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Monday, December 17, 2018

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Last Post 24 Nov 2016 12:09 AM by  Lloyd Grubb
Interracial Marriage Should Be Celebrated in the Church
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Lloyd Grubb
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Basic Member

24 Nov 2016 12:09 AM
    Theologian and Desiring God founder John Piper says contrary to how he was raised and once thought, interracial marriage among Christians should not only be permitted but celebrated in the Church.

    The former senior pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and best-selling author articulated several reasons why Christians should support marriage across racial lines in an interview posted on his website Desiring God on Monday.

    First, in God's economy, only one race exists: the human race, all of whom descended from Adam, and, according to Genesis, are made in the image of God. And when addressing the men of Athens in Acts 17, the Apostle Paul espoused this view.

    "[R]ooted in that theology of creation, [the Apostle Paul] says astonishingly to these arrogant ethnocentric Athenians in Acts 17:26, 'He made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the Earth.'

    "And I think the point there, the implication in the context of these proud Greeks who boasted of their ethnic purity over the barbarians, was that those barbarians out there are family. You better get over this. You are all part of one race, rooted in one great, great, great grandfather, and your arrogance of separation is sinful," Piper said.


    In Numbers 12, Moses marries a Cushite woman. Cushites hailed from a region just below Ethiopia. The word for Cushite is used interchangeably with Ethiopian in Jeremiah 13:23 where it reads, "Can an Ethiopian change his skin?" meaning Ethiopians are dark-skinned.

    When Moses' sister criticizes Moses marrying a black woman, God strikes her with leprosy.

    "The Bible describes as turning her hands as white as 'snow' (Numbers 12:10), as if to say: Miriam, you value light skin? I will give you light skin. At least we know from this story that God is not pleased with Miriam's criticism," Piper said.

    What are your thoughts on his shifting opinion? What is happening in the background that is causing this change?


    Full Article from Christian Post

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