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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

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0 Replies and 187 Views 6.5 Million pounds of beef recalled!!  187  0 Started by  Trish Chalmers
0 187
09 Oct 2018 08:26 PM
3 Replies and 1837 Views Drugs does not cure diseases, change their form and location  1837  3 Started by  Lloyd Grubb 'People need to be taught that drugs do not cure disease. It is true that they sometimes afford present relief, and the patient appears to recover as the result of their use; this is because nature has sufficient vital force to expel the poison and to correct the conditions that caused the disease. Health is recovered in spite of the drug. But in most cases the drug only changes the form and location of the disease. Often the effect of the poison seems to be overcome for a time, but the results ...
3 1837
by  Trish ChalmersJump to last post
09 Oct 2018 08:19 PM
2 Replies and 1848 Views The Chemical in Cupcake Wrappers and Cookware Might Be Causing Cancer  1848  2 Started by  Lloyd Grubb Teflon, the chemical that coats nonstick pans, is making news again: Today, an Ohio jury is deliberating whether chemical giant DuPont is to blame for a 59-year-old Ohio resident Carla Bartlett&39;s kidney cancer. Bartlett is one of 3,500 Ohio Valley residents suing DuPont over claims that the company made them sick after years of dumping C8, the chemical used to produce Teflon, into the Ohio River.   C8 is in a chemical family called PFCs (perfluorinated chemicals)—the same wa...
2 1848
by  Lloyd GrubbJump to last post
13 Sep 2018 09:55 AM
2 Replies and 1408 Views Processed Meat Causes Cancer; Red Meat Probably Does, Too, WHO Group Says  1408  2 Started by  Lloyd Grubb Processed meat, such as bacon or hot dogs, causes cancer, a World Health Organization group said in a long-awaited determination on Monday. The group said red meat, including beef, pork and lamb, probably causes cancer, too.   Many studies show the links, both in populations of people and in tests that show how eating these foods can cause cancer, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) said in its report, released in the Lancet medical journal.   "These...
2 1408
by  Trish ChalmersJump to last post
21 Jun 2018 10:02 PM
1 Replies and 1673 Views University of Texas Study Links Meat to Kidney Cancer  1673  1 Started by  Lloyd Grubb Another study has shown people who eat more meat have a high risk of cancer. This time, it&39;s kidney cancer, researchers reported Monday. And it&39;s not just people who eat red meat, as many other studies have shown. People who eat more so-called white meat, such as chicken, have the higher risk, too. Dr. Xifeng Wu and colleagues at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston studied 659 patients just diagnosed with kidney cancer and compared them to 699 similar p...
1 1673
by  Trish ChalmersJump to last post
14 Mar 2018 10:33 PM
1 Replies and 2959 Views Horrifying pork factory processing 1,300 hogs per hour  2959  1 Started by  Lloyd Grubb "Animal rights organization Compassion Over Killing released a new undercover video shot at the Quality Pork Processors (QPP) plant in Austin, Minnesota. That cut-and-kill operation is part of the Hormel Foods Corporation&39;s flagship complex. QPP processes between 19,000 and 22,000 hogs per day depending on demand, making it one of the most productive facilities in the country. But the video also suggests that the volume and speed of processing results in shocking mistreatment of an...
1 2959
by  Trish ChalmersJump to last post
05 Dec 2017 08:41 PM
0 Replies and 1899 Views Street drugs as chemical warfare?  1899  0 Started by  Lloyd Grubb Video: South Africa is the last place on earth Quaaludes can still be found. Hamilton travels there to study the drug and finds a dark history of medical experimentation.  
0 1899
24 Oct 2016 09:25 AM
0 Replies and 1747 Views Neurotoxin levels in these crabs could kill you  1747  0 Started by  Lloyd Grubb "California health officials on Tuesday warned people to avoid eating Dungeness and Rock crabs that contain dangerous levels of a neurotoxin linked to a massive algae bloom off the West Coast. High levels of domoic acid were found in crabs from the Oregon border to the southern Santa Barbara County line, the Department of Public Health reported. In severe poisoning cases, the neurotoxin can cause seizures, coma or death. It was unclear how much impact the health warning might...
0 1747
04 Nov 2015 12:40 PM
0 Replies and 1738 Views A group of middle-aged whites in the U.S. is dying at a startling rate  1738  0 Started by  Lloyd Grubb "A large segment of white middle-aged Americans has suffered a startling rise in its death rate since 1999, according to a review of statistics published Monday that shows a sharp reversal in decades of progress toward longer lives.   The mortality rate for white men and women ages 45-54 with less than a college education increased markedly between 1999 and 2013, most likely because of problems with legal and illegal drugs, alcohol and suicide, the researchers concluded. Before t...
0 1738
03 Nov 2015 09:41 AM
0 Replies and 1443 Views Woman who says she can smell Parkinson's disease sparks research  1443  0 Started by  Lloyd Grubb A Scottish woman who said she could smell her husband&39;s Parkinson&39;s disease may be on to something, according to scientists. Joy Milne&39;s husband died of Parkinson&39;s disease in June. Milne, of Perth, Scotland, said she noticed that he began to smell differently during the 20 years he lived with the disease, BBC reported. "I recognized a change in his smell. It&39;s quite a musky smell," Milne told Sky News. Parkinson&39;s is a progressive disease affecti...
0 1443
23 Oct 2015 12:01 PM
0 Replies and 1789 Views Oregon AG accuses retailer GNC of selling drug-spiked dietary supplements  1789  0 Started by  Lloyd Grubb GNC (GNC), one of the world’s largest retailers of supposedly all-natural dietary supplements, has knowingly sold products spiked with two synthetic drugs, according to internal company records and a lawsuit filed Thursday by Oregon’s attorney general. The suit accuses GNC of selling thousands of units of 22 workout and fat-burner supplement products that contained picamilon, a prescription drug in Russia that is used there to treat neurological conditions. Internal company reco...
0 1789
22 Oct 2015 06:03 PM
1 Replies and 1267 Views Drug Firms pay off Generics not to manufacture  1267  1 Started by  Lloyd Grubb While sharp overnight increases in the cost of prescription drugs have recently dominated headlines, critics say another pharmaceutical industry practice that has added billions of dollars to the price that consumers pay for their medicines continues unabated. Known as "reverse settlement payments," or "pay-to-delay" deals, the financial arrangements are a unique but common practice in the pharmaceutical industry. Essentially, they allow drug manufacturers in some instan...
1 1267
by  Lloyd GrubbJump to last post
21 Oct 2015 08:48 AM
0 Replies and 1623 Views Physician-Assisted Suicide in California Becomes Legal as Gov. Brown Signs Bill  1623  0 Started by  Lloyd Grubb California Gov. Jerry Brown today signed a controversial physician-assisted suicide bill despite concerns among conservative Christians and disability advocates that the terminally ill elderly, poor, and disabled will feel pressure from their families to end their lives due to the high cost of health care. “I have considered the theological and religious perspectives that any deliberate shortening of one’s life is sinful,” said Brown, who once studied in seminary to become...
0 1623
09 Oct 2015 07:49 AM
0 Replies and 1487 Views Man dies from flesh-killing infection after fishing trip  1487  0 Started by  Lloyd Grubb A 56-year-old Polk County man is dead after contracting a rare type of flesh-destroying bacterial infection during a recent fishing trip to Estero Bay, according to his family. Richard Corley, a father of one from Winter Haven, likely contracted Vibrio vulnificus while wade fishing shortly after cutting his leg on Sept. 27, said his brother, Brian Corley. The infection, which initially resembled a bug bite, caused his leg to become blistered and swollen within a day. Doctors in Winter Have...
0 1487
08 Oct 2015 06:17 AM
0 Replies and 1544 Views Pregnancy rate, STD stats show sex ed in U.S. not working  1544  0 Started by  Lloyd Grubb Nearly half of the 20 million new sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) contracted each year are among young people ages 15 to 24. Only about one in five "sexually experienced" teens have ever been tested for HIV. ... But the CDC also notes that the U.S. teen pregnancy rate is substantially higher than in other industrialized nations. And the picture gets bleaker: of the 34 of teens who said they&39;d had sex in the previous three months, about four in 10 said they didn&39;t use a ...
0 1544
06 Oct 2015 05:07 PM
0 Replies and 2731 Views Slaughterhouse accused of selling meat from cows with cancer  2731  0 Started by  Lloyd Grubb Below are some excerpts from an article about the possible reason why there was a recall of Rancho Feeding Corporation's 8.7 million Pounds of beef. Notice the idea (from the article) is still held by many that eating diseased and cancerous meat is not “necessarily dangerous”. Questions: What do you think about these ongoing developments Have you ever heard about someone eating cancerous meat and “coming down” sick with cancer within a few days or weeks   Sl...
0 2731
27 Feb 2014 10:08 AM
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