The Bible describes a time just before the second coming when “winds”, which is symbolic of strife, trouble and war, will be the main reality of life. The present realities of financial crashes, natural disasters, environmental problems, dwindling natural resources, health crises, food shortages, political turmoil and religious wars, are signifying the second coming. Yet we often focus on the end of all things, which is important, but before this there is a work that has to be done among God’s people, a work of revival and reformation. This work of revival and reformation takes place before Jesus comes, to prepare a people to meet Him. Another name for this preparation of God’s people is called sealing, where the image of God is duplicated in His followers.

This work is made prominent in Revelation 7:1-3 “After these things I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, on the sea or on any tree. Then I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God. And he cried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was granted to harm the earth and the sea, saying, “do not harm the earth, the sea, or the trees till we have sealed the servants of our God on their foreheads”. The winds of strife, disaster and bloodshed are here presented in verse 1, ready to blow on everything even God’s people. Yet another angel ascends from the east, having the seal of God, to seal His people, so that they might be spiritually and experientially ready to preach the loud cry message and endure the calamities that will take place. This angel tells the other four angels to continue holding back these troubles until he seals God’s people. This work of sealing is what we are to be receiving at this time.

Many people around us know that we are living in tense times. The events that are happening around us (increase of diseases in animals, church trying to control the state etc.) are similar to the events that were happening while E. G. White penned the following: “The present is a time of overwhelming interest to all living. Rulers and statesmen, men who occupy positions of trust and authority, thinking men and women of all classes, have their attention fixed upon the events taking place about us. They are watching the strained, restless relations that exist among the nations. They observe the intensity that is taking possession of every earthly element, and they recognize that something great and decisive is about to take place--that the world is on the verge of a stupendous crisis”. {Ed 179.5}  “Angels are now restraining the winds of strife, that they may not blow until the world shall be warned of its coming doom; but a storm is gathering, ready to burst upon the earth; and when God shall bid His angels loose the winds, there will be such a scene of strife as no pen can picture”.  {Ed 179.6} After this week’s election, can we agree that “all classes, have their attention fixed upon the events taking place about us”, whether it is political or natural disasters.

As we view and experience the many troubles we are seeing, we can acknowledge that God’s mercy is still holding back the winds. The present global financial crisis could have been much worst if the previous administration had succeeded in investing Social Security on the stock market. We see hurricanes that slowed before making landfall and fires that came close to major cities but never engulfed any; in this the winds are being held. E. G. White clearly points this out, “All the judgments upon men, prior to the close of probation, have been mingled with mercy. The pleading blood of Christ has shielded the sinner from receiving the full measure of his guilt; but in the final Judgment, wrath is poured out unmixed with mercy”.  {GC88 628.2} This time of mercy is to give His people time to consecrate themselves to His cause of saving souls.

Before the war of Armageddon or the seven last plagues, God will have a people ready to present His message to the world. Our time should be spent getting our houses in order. In mercy the Lord prophesied to us that He would hold back the wind so we can get ready. Some are saying that everything will be wrapped up in months and the missionary and personal work that must be done before the “National Sunday Law” will not happen, but the Lord will give us an opportunity like Joshua’s generation to be prepared to go into the promised land alive. Today is the day of preparation.  

Prophetic Symbols Related to article
Wind/whirlwind         war/strife                           Jeremiah 51:1; Jeremiah 25:31, 33
Sea/waters                people/inhabited area         Revelation 17:5
Earth                        under-populated area          opposite of sea
Tree/green things      God’s people                      Isaiah 44:4; 61:3; 65:22
Seal/mark of God     Sign of God’s ownership     Ezekiel 9:4-6; Revelation 7:1-3

Written by: Lloyd Grubb

The period of revival & reformation or sealing is just before us and it is importance for us to be praying for the reception of the Holy Spirit. The teachings of how we enter into the national Sunday law has often involved a sudden crisis and without any provocation, God’s people find themselves being persecuted.  This is the first article in a series and the theme we will be looking at is entitled “Before the National Sunday Law”, because I think it needs to be revisited.  Pt. 1