Read the freedom and ingenuity of the statement below and see the potential for missionary outpost being established in many places, even in developed countries. Instead of raising up new churches, we are having dieing and dead churches all over. If the missionary spirit was to be invigorated, we will have active churches and multiplying churches. There are areas that have multiple Adventist churches, and yet even those areas would benefit in having a group of vibrant witnessing lay members. We have stifled the spreading of the Gospel by taking away the spirit of lay evangelism and have mainly allow for clergy done and approved work. There are many over crowded or under crowded churches, where it will be best for one or two families to leave the stagnation and reach out to there community.


“The lay members of our churches can accomplish a work which, as yet, they have scarcely begun. None should move into new places merely for the sake of worldly advantage; but where there is an opening to obtain a livelihood, let families that are well grounded in the truth enter, one or two families in a place, to work as missionaries. They should feel a love for souls, a burden of labor for them, and should make it a study how to bring them into the truth. They can distribute our publications, hold meetings in their homes, become acquainted with their neighbors, and invite them to come to these meetings. Thus they can let their light shine in good works”. Testimonies, vol. 8, p. 245