Conversion brings us into a close relationship with the holy God of this universe. This close interaction gives us an opportunity to know more about what are His likes and dislikes, what makes him happy, sad or indignant. This moral awakening is what we call conversion from an old mindset to a new mindset of I do care; I do care about my words, my action and my thoughts. The more moral cleansing one receives is the more reverent (respectful and worshipful) one becomes in their daily speech, action and thoughts. In others words God can be next to you anytime, anywhere and in any place and He will not have to excuse Himself. This is the true holiness that the Word of God teaches and will be yours if you only submit your heart this day and every day.


“God has acknowledged you before men and angels as His child; pray that you may do no dishonor to the "worthy name by which ye are called." James 2:7. God sends you into the world as His representative. In every act of life you are to make manifest the name of God. This petition calls upon you to possess His character. You cannot hallow His name, you cannot represent Him to the world, unless in life and character you represent the very life and character of God. This you can do only through the acceptance of the grace and righteousness of Christ”.  Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing pp. 107